CPR & First Aid Training: A Guide to Provide a Safe Workplace

CPR & First Aid Training: A Guide to Provide a Safe Workplace

CPR, First aid, CPR training, CPR classes, CPR workshops, First Aid training, first aid classes, first aid workshops, Healthcare Training Solutions, Dianne CesvetteIt is imperative for companies to meet safety standards through CPR and First Aid training.  “Safety First” is often the mantra of many companies, especially ones with physically demanding environments. Minimizing liability is of vital importance to all employees.

There are over 5 million workplace injuries annually with 25% resulting in days away from work. This cost the U.S. economy almost $200 billion according to the National Safety Council.

The following are some everyday work statistics that will open your eyes to how safety plays an important role in the workplace .

  • Cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death surpassing all cancers combined.
  • Sudden cardiac arrest represents 13% of all workplace deaths.
  • Nearly 60 % of all cardiac arrest are witnessed.
  • Survival rate dramatically increases if defibrillation is provided within 5 minutes of the arrest.
  • Survival rate decreases by 10% for every 1 minute defibrillation is delayed.
  • Why Choose Healthcare Training Solutions For Your CPR & First Aid Training?
  • They are experts in CPR, First Aid, AED & Blood-borne Pathogens training.
  • All training meet OSHA standards.
  • They can provide private on-site training at your facility.

3 Questions You Must Be Able To Answer

  1. Can you or your employees recognize a medical emergency?
  2. Can you or your employees respond quickly and in the right way?
  3. Can you or your employees keep the injured person alive until professional help arrives?

Safety Rules & Regulations must align with OSHA, state and local requirements. All training is based on the American Heart Association 2015 guidelines. The CPR, First Aid, AED and Blood-borne Pathogen certifications are valid for 2 years. Updating your skills and keeping your certification current can help your staff save lives. This training is vastly important. Many innovative CPR and First Aid techniques are being implemented as studies show increasing effectiveness. Proper techniques can improve survival rates. OSHA requires such training as it is a vital part of workplace safety. Don’t delay. Call today!

Healthcare Training Solutions has successfully provided training to contractors, teachers, healthcare and childcare providers, churches and many more.

CPR, AED, First Aid & Blood-borne Pathogens classes can be brought to your business location for 6 or more participants. Weekend option is available.

Need quality CPR and First Aid training? Go to the following link,  https://healthcaretrainingsolutionsinc.com to get information on quality CPR, AED, First Aid & Blood-borne Training. Your bottom line will thank you.