CPR Training: Why You Should Never Leave Your Dummy in the Car!

CPR Training:  Why You Should Never Leave Your Dummy in the Car!

CPR, CPR Training, First Aid Dummy, First Aid Training Dummy, Healthcare Training SolutionsCPR training is important on several different levels.  However, it is important for you not to leave your CPR training dummy in a car…especially during hot or cold weather.

People saw what appeared to be an elderly woman frozen in a car.  They called the Hudson police to save her.  The Hudson police rushed to save the elderly woman.  Fearing for the elderly woman’s life, the police broke the car window, and then realized that it was a CPR training dummy in the car.

Let’s say the police were not amused.  Not only were they embarrassed, but they had to use emergency resources during that time period.  That was an expenditure of city money on the “rescue.”  The owner of the training dummy wasn’t happy too.  The owner of the dummy now had a broken car window.

So let this be a reminder to put your CPR training dummy in the car trunk or bring it into your house.  You never know who may want to save it.

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