Eclipse: How to Safely Watch without Permanent Eye Damage!

How to Safely Watch the Eclipse without Permanent Eye Damage!

eclipse, safety tipsYou are going to experience a very rare occurrence that happens once in a lifetime…a total eclipse.  The last time that there was a total eclipse that happened only in the United States was in the year 1918.  Millions of people are excited about be a part of this special event and want to watch it live.  It is extremely important that you take precaution when watching the eclipse.  You can sustain permanent eye for the rest of your life if you do not take the right precautions.

The following are four ways you can do to safely watch the eclipse without permanent eye damage:

  1. Solar Viewing Glasses – Sunglasses will not work!  You need solar viewing glasses.  Many stores are selling them or giving them away.  The solar glasses should be ISO certified.  I must say again, sunglasses will not work.
  2. Pinhole Projection – If you are lucky enough to have a room facing the eclipse, make a pinhole projector out of your windows.  Take cardboard big enough to block out the sun and make a pinhole in the middle of the cardboard.  Put the cardboard over your windows to block out the sun.   This will project the eclipse through the pinhole onto your walls.  It will be upside down but you will receive a good image of the eclipse.
  3. Portable Pinhole Projection – Same concept as above, but you are taking the cardboard with you and projecting the image against an outside wall or object.  Again, please do not look at the eclipse without your solar viewing glasses.
  4. Mirror with Cardboard – Take a piece of cardboard and put it behind a mirror.  This will bounce the image of the eclipse onto a wall.

Again, please do not look at the eclipse without your solar viewing glasses.  Here is a link to another great resource for eclipse safety tips:  If you take these steps, you will enjoy this one in a lifetime event safely.